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Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept: the ‘pawfect’ car for family adventures

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Rated Teen to be safe. With Lilly now two years old, Zoe start looking for another friend to partake in her special padded playtime. She settles on her good friend, Pepper, who is at first quite hesitant.

This time, as a theater performance! Grab your shield and hammer, and prepare to understand lots of references on an epic quest to remember! They constantly irritate one another, and their egotistical natures often bump into one another.

But despite the odds, the hedgehog and dog found themselves becoming more than friends. The only problem? No one- not the pets, not even Blythe- knows about their relationship.

Zoe eagerly looks forward to another playdate with Blythe's cousin, Lilly. But their playtime is interrupted by an unexpected guest: Sugar Sprinkles. What will happen when the stray cat finds out Zoe's secret?

x pet reader

It's time for all pets at Littlest Pet Shop to take a nap, but Zoe is having trouble sleeping. That is, until she remembers something given to her by Lilly, Blythe's younger cousin. But what will happen when the other pets find out? Will he make it? Based on the short "Eau de Pepper".

Pepper Clark is confident to find and capture her happiest scent for the International Pet Fashion Expo, but when Penny Ling assists her in doing so, she ends up taking it one step too far. Title inspired by the Batman storyline "A Death in the Family".

x pet reader

Rated T for mature themes and language. Reader discretion is advised. When Lilly comes over to Blythe's apartment while Zoe is around, the two bond once again when Lilly decides to dress Zoe up like a baby while Blythe is away.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is a reliable pet door for cats and small dogs that is designed to keep unwanted critters and neighboring cats out of your house for good. Even if your pet is not microchipped, an RFID collar key is provided upon purchase to ensure that your pet can use this door.

The microchip pet door also features a curfew setting that allows you to keep your pet indoors over a certain period of time, which is beneficial for owners who want their pets inside at night for improved safety.

Custom Mode 5 is the raccoon mode, making this door a raccoon proof cat door. If the animal is not one whose chip has been programmed to trigger the door, the two locks on the exterior of the door are activated for added security. At this point the unit will keep scanning for a microchip, and the exterior locks will remain engaged until approximately 10 seconds after the intruder animal has moved away from the door.

When the exterior locks are engaged it makes it impossible for the raccoon to open the door towards them in order to get in. The interior locks prevent the raccoon or other stray animals from pushing through the door into the house. The combination of the two sets of locks have proved impenetrable to raccoons in our product testing. Getting Started: Some pets will take longer than others to acclimate to their new door, so patience is key! Never push or shove your pet through the door this will only develop negative feelings.

Two well spaced out sessions per day should be the maximum. Stay consistent with verbal encouragement and treats for best results. Start by using a treat to encourage your cat through while holding the flap open for them. Once they are comfortable, start lowering the flap on them as they walk through for their treat. Step Four : Always make sure to reward your cat with praise and maybe another treat when they pass through the door.

Remember : training can take a considerable amount of time. There is no standard practice as every cat is unique. Quick Tips. Try putting a piece of masking tape on the clear flap to distinguish it from a window and reinforce to your pet its use as a door.

Fix this problem by gently pushing the door to assist your pet as they go through or removing the magnet until your pet gets used to the full weight of the door on their own. Stay consistent both in your training methods and your choice of pet doors. Unfortunately, there is no larger microchip dog door available in this brand or any other brand.

We do have other electronic pet doors that are larger, however no dog door with chip compatibility features. Raccoon mode is an additional security method.

When it is activated, sensors will detect an animal's head in the tunnel and scan to read for a chip. If the animal does not have a chip programmed to the door, two locks are activated. These exterior locks are engaged until 10 seconds after the intruder leaves. These locks prevent a raccoon from pushing through the door into the house. Or pulling the door backward to get in. The SureFlap Pet Door will only read the signal from one direction, the outside.

Any pet can leave, but access is controlled in terms of who can enter.Is there a pet microchip reader android app? Is there a pet microchip reader app for iPhone? Unfortunately, no. A smart phone can not and will not ever be able to read a pet's microchip.

There are no apps for iphone or android that do this and there never will be. There will never be an iphone, android- google, samsung or otherwise that will ever have that capability. Microchip scanners are totally separate units that are not part of your phone nor even as their own stand alone devices.

As noted in a recent report prepared for Peeva by Dr. Albert H. The coil and capacitor are designed sized to be sensitive to a particular radio frequency for the application. Then the RF signal must match the tuned frequency of the internal antenna coil, capacitor and chip, otherwise RF signals will not produce a response or an output.

In theory the RF source frequency must match the RFID required frequency exactly, although in practice it is not necessary. The unregulated to kHz frequency band is designated as the band for animal ID, so all pet RFID tags operate within this frequency range Frequency and Range.

The frequencies used in the United States are kHz, kHz, and When the tag is placed close enough to the reader, the RF time varying signal generated by the reader is picked up and rectified within the tag and used to power the devices within the tag. To modulate data from the tag to the reader, the tag circuitry changes the load and this can be detected by the reader as a result of the mutual coupling.

Unless, one has an overly insatiable desire to push well beyond the boundaries of convention to the point that even the most pretentious hipsters and normcore alike would think you were clearly trying too hard; you are more than likely not going to let the big clunky inconvenience effect your every day life.

For the scanners designed to detect or read microchips of all three frequencies which are currently being used in the United States, the sensitivity for Sensitivities for microchips with and kHz frequencies were found to be lower. Never the less, others insist that there are pet scanner apps, because companies like AVID, Datamars, and HomeAgain have apps that mislead people into believing that their apps can do that kind of thing; however, neither of these companies flat out say that.

Why not build an icon and call it an app? That means you can manually enter a microchip number you have within your manilla file folder or one you read on a pets dog tag… alongside the owners telephone number. Why not just call the number? It simply records chip information you manually enter and like AVID it requires you have that information before hand to do so.

If you read the comments, the first one you will see at time of writing says, "I wanted to be able to just use my iPhone 6 without another connection to a device or Bluetooth…Is there a way I can do that on this app or another app? Again you can manually enter your pet's information such as his photo, exact breed, age, area last seen, personality, med info….

What purpose do any of these apps possibly serve? Cleaning up the microchip mess. Big Data and Animal Health Care.Originally posted by aqcerman. Your eyes met and you kissed him hungrily, your animalistic instincts unintentionally kicking in. You began to grind yourself off of his lap, trying to get as much friction as you could, already feeling the want to have him. He grabbed your legs, wrapping them around his waist as he lifted you, the muscles in his arms rippling while he carried you up the stairs and into his bedroom.

You knew he could teleport you, but this made it so much more fun. He knew you had a thing for being lifted. You moaned as he set you down, pinning your body under his. He pushed you backwards into the sheets so he lay on top of you, his hands roaming your chest and touching your sensitive breasts, your nipples slowly hardening as he did so. Loki sat up, pulling off his shirt to reveal defined abs and then pulled off yours, followed by unclasping your bra and tossing all three objects across the room somewhere.

He roughly threw you further up the bed to give him more room to work as he undid his belt and worked off your jeans. His hands gently traced over your inner thighs, his strong touch making you feel so small compared to him. He very slowly began to work his way up to your black lace panties, getting rougher as he went, letting you make small sounds. He pinned your arms above your head, bringing his lips to yours as he slipped a hand into you, your small scream of delight muffled by him kissing you.

You could feel yourself tightening from his touch, your pussy swelling with heat. But instead, he kept fingering you, soon adding a third finger that pushed you off the edge. You took a moment to recover as you came all over his hand and your panties.

x pet reader

He then removed them, followed by the remainder of his clothing, throwing them to who knows where. Loki then lifted you again, moving you from the mess you made and slamming you against the wall. But he just brushed himself off of you a few times, despite your begging.

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He was having too much fun teasing you, watching you tense under his control. Until out of nowhere, he slammed into you at full force, making you give a deep gasp and leaving you breathless.

He only gave you a moment to adjust before he pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in, his pace going faster and harder each time he came back. Quickly you were giving repetitive moans, your vision going blurry as he managed to hit all of the good spots inside of you.But it was warm and that was the only thing you cared about.

You looked around and your eyes widened as you stated upon the great treasure of Erebor. It was then you remembered how all of this happened.

You had been attacked by orcs and had been forced into the iced water below the lonely mountain. You were an extremely skilled fighter, one of the best of all times, but not even you could take on a whole army.

x pet reader

You had swam for hours and the dragged yourself over land and into Erebor as you had seen lights. You had collapsed upon a mountain of gold and then drifted off to sleep. It must have been a day since you collapsed because your clothes were dry.

No wait, you were naked and dry and your clothes laid on the ground before you. You quickly pressed back so you sat, grabbing a golden dagger and looked around. You knew very well who was speaking. What have you done to me?!

Suddenly you were lifted up from the gold and you yelled, turning around so come face to face with the gigantic dragon. You could clearly see the lust in his darkened eyes and you gulped. Oh gods. You will need your health to please me, pet. You always knew something had been weird with you, but being turned on by a huge dragon aa you sat on his palm was even too weird for you. Smaug stared at you, over your body and into your eyes, and then he smirked. Two large wings shot out from his back and a tail swayed behind him.

He was incredibly handsome in this form too. It was your only warning as you then, a second later, were on your knees, your face and chest pressed against the cold marble passage and your bottom up with your legs spread. Your brain wanted to protest but your heart was screaming hallelujah. He was pressed against you, his left hand between your shoulder blades as he rubbed his hard shaft against your hear.

His groan took your breath away and you but your lip to hide the desperate mewl. He was big, way too big and it stretched your walls until their limits. It was painful and tears fell down you cheeks. It hurt so bad and the tears continued falling but you stayed the way he had made you stand. You but your bottom lip to hide the pained sobs when he increased his speed.

He pounded inside of you, his ragged breath in your ear but he abruptly stopped when a sob had slipped past your sealed lips. He put soothing kisses along your back and your shoulders, over to your neck where he pushed his face down. Sharp teeth nipped at your softly flesh and sent a pleasures sensation down your spine and right to your core.

I knew and felt it in my heart the second I saw you, and I knew that you would forever be mine. You shall life for a thousand years as me, and give me many children and together we shall take over the lands of middle earth.

Did he just?I feel like celebrating. Originally posted by bnhagays. Why should you feel the need to feel insecure or anxious? Originally posted by hanae-ichihara. You and Mirio had sat down to watch a movie before Tamaki even woke up.

Mirio, a mutually trusted friend should be allowed to spend time with you outside of school, especially when you live in the same dorm building together. Tamaki Amajiki was by nature not a jealous person. Tamaki trusted that you had good enough judgment not to allow yourself to be put in the position of being alone with someone who wanted you in sinful ways. Tamaki let out a small sigh of relief as the credits to the movie rolled and Mirio stood up from his spot on the couch.

Mirio stretched his arms out with his ever glowing smile on his face. Mirio left the room as you sat up from your spot on the couch. You made your way over to the couch that Tamaki was sitting on by himself and plop down next to him.

You bit your lip as you shyly smiled up at your boyfriend. Tamaki liked to keep to himself instead of talking. As much as you tried to remind yourself that Tamaki just worked that way, it was frustrating and hard not knowing what was bothering him.

Sure Petcare - SureFlap Microchip Pet Door for Doors

His tone was hard as he replied, Tamaki instantly frowned upon hearing his own voice and tone. Comforting skinship. You pull his head down so he can look you in the eyes. The tears brimming his eyes breaks your heart. I love how shy you are, I love how I get to be there for you when you get nervous or anxious.

What you see as flaws are just traits of you that make you who you are. Originally posted by waifubuki. Leave a comment, ask, or re-blog asking to be added. You dropped your hands from the silk ties of your dress and lowered your head towards the ground as you saw Kai come up behind you in the mirror.

Your body tensed up as you felt his hands graze your waist before he grabbed the silk ties himself. Kai grabbed the thick silk strings that hung off your dress and started to tie them together behind your back for you. He looped them in an x and pulled tightly, making your head snap up and gasp in pain as the silky linen was strongly pulled against your abdomen. Tying your dress? This was a cute thing that a lover would do.New Masterlist!

Hey Everyone! I am back bb! For some reason, my midterms are canceled so I have quite a free time to be sinning. Thank you so much for the request Anon! I love Mafia! Muzan and the equally messed up and horny Pet!

This can serve as a part 3 to my Mafia Drug Lord series! V day is around the corner, so I prepared a little treat for you.

Fandom Imagines

So do lookout for that! Link to Part 1: Here. Originally posted by kuronashiro. She was bored. Her lover or one could call him, her owner, Kibutsuji Muzan was not there with him. Well, it made sense considering the fact Muzan was the most influential and feared drug lord to walk on this earth so it was only fair that he spent most of his time dealing with the illegal business world.

She actually loved being manhandled by the raven-haired man as much as he enjoys inflicting all sorts of pains on her. With Muzan not being around, she had almost nothing to do. The girl tried to flip through the TV channel to distract herself. Once her eyes were closed, she felt a form of peace in her. Well, that was until her mind started to drift to the last encounter she had with Muzan.

His strong arms wrapped around her pretty little neck, putting her into a chokehold as he thrust his cock into her, hitting her sweet spot every single time. Like right now, just the brief thought of the amazing sex she had with Muzan a few days ago made her wet, hot and bothered. Right now, she really wanted to be fucked by the mafia boss but unfortunately, the man was nowhere to be found. Well, it seems like this was something she needed to handle it herself. Slowly lifting her hands, she put her fingers on the swollen clit, sending a jolt of pleasure in her body, Whimpering softly, she continued to move her fingers up and down as she closed her eyes to fully focus on the pleasure town between her legs.

It felt good but this was nothing compared to the treatment Muzan gives to her during their lovemaking session. She softly moaned at a wave of pleasure her fingers are sending.

When did Muzan come back home? She did not hear neither the doorbell ringing nor the sound of her bedroom door opening. How long has he been here? So many questions in her head and she could not find the answer to any of them.

Muzan was wearing a black button-up that fits him perfectly. The first two buttons of his shirt were not buttoned so his collarbones and toned chest were half exposed.

It seemed that Muzan took off his fedora on the way upstairs because his luscious raven locks were slightly messy, only adding the hotness into his already perfect face. He looked so good. Twirling her locks, the man spoke once again, with a slight sadness in his tone.

Seeing that makes her both scared and turned on at the same time. Now, she was really scared. Muzan sounded really mad and it seemed like he was not up to playing any of her games.

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